St. Mary's Episcopal Church of El Dorado, Arkansas

512 Champagnolle Rd., 71730

"Death is conquered, we are free,
Christ has won the victory."

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is the primary source of our joy, our hope, and the transformation we experience throughout our lives as Christians.

Living the Christian life means living into this hope and joy, making ourselves available to this transforming power, and inviting others to share it with us.

Above all, it is the most powerful sign we have of God's amazing love for us all. For humanity to do what it did to God's Son, and for God to raise his Son and send him back to us announcing, "Do not be afraid," and calling his disciples who deserted him "my brothers" is nothing short of a miracle itself.

St. Mary's is a community of Christians who seek to practice the teachings of Jesus through worship, service to others, and fellowship. You are invited to visit any of our services, participate in any of our activities, and ask us about the Christian faith as expressed in the Episcopal Church.

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