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July 30, 2004

9733 South Park Circle
Fairfax Station, Va 22039

(703) 912-9682

I am looking for a Ronald Gee who used to live in Palm Desert California and was a minister and a nurse at one time. If anyone knows of such a person please contact me.

Dorothy Jones (nee gee)

July 29, 2004

16 Church Lane, Withern, Alford, Lincs.
LN13 0NG

My father was Lawrence Gee from Salford. His mother was Bertha Culley and she had 2 brothers Lawrence and Joe and they all came from Huddersfield. Her brother Lawrence Culley emigrated to the US and married Edna Kelley. Lawrence & Edna had a son John Lawrence (Jack d.1998) and a daughter Marion (still alive in Phoenix). John Lawrence (Jack) married Clara and had Annie (beleived to live in Frt Lauderdale) and John (living Nth Carolina) & Freddie. My grandfather was Harry Gee. His father was Arthur Gee and he had a brother, Harold who emigrated to the states after the 1901 census (age appprox 33 at the census). We have no further trace on him but would love to know what happened to him. My great great grandfather was James Gee (b.1832), a mechanical engineer, married to Agnes Elizabeth Rigby. Names in our James Gee tree are: Clara, Arthur, Harold, Fanny, Bertha, Emily & Annie from the James parentage. From my Great Grandfather Arthur there is Harry, Hilda and Charles. From my Grandfather Harry is my father Lawrence.

Irene Craner-Rae

July 29, 2004

Eula Seville Parents before her named Gee. I believe it to be spelled that way. She married a Jacques Craner in the 1940's?

Kay Drake

July 23, 2004

I am looking for any information re: my grandmother, Iva Gee of New York. I have no information re: her parents. I know she had 2 brothers. The Rev. Clarence H. Gee and a Walter E. Gee who joined the army in June 1916. Iva was born 2/26/1881. Married a Leon Monk. They lived for a while in Willet N.Y, as my father was born there. She might have been born in Broome Co. N.Y. I would appreciate any information re: the Gee's of the southern & central N.Y area.

R. Frank

July 22, 2004

(619) 318-6266

Am looking for any information on an "A.W. Gee" whose tombstone is in the Montgomery Alabama Cemetery. His tomb identifies him as a Confederate soldier who died on June 30th of 1863. It also says "13 Fla Vols". I can't find any record of him or the 13th Florida Volunteers. I would appreciate any info anybody has.

Jennifer Alexis Gee

July 16, 2004

(619) 318-6266

I'm looking for information about a Gee family, of African-American decent, living in Philadelphia. Specifically, I'm interested in my grandfather, Andrew Gee who married a woman named Charlotte. They had a little boy and named him Andrew Theopolis Gee. My grandfather died from a war-related disease before his son was born. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Noel C. Matthews

July 1, 2004

10900 Acoma Street
Northglenn, CO 80234

(303) 457-9672

I am looking for information on MARY. W. GEE born April 25, 1826 in Virginia and died November 18, 1877 in Panola County, Texas. She married LEWIS MIDYETT on December 19, 1843 in Williamson County, Tennessee. Lewis was born about 1819 in Tyrrell Co., North Carolina, and died about 1887 in Panola County, Texas. I would like to correspond with anyone who has Williamson County, Tennessee GEE connections.

Nelson C. Simonson

June 18, 2004

9 Reading Drive, Apt # 01
Wernersville, PA

(610) 927-8660

As a child, I attended the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. In the mid to late 1930's one of our Sunday School teachers was a Tom Gee - a tall man, then a student at the Union Theological Seminary in New York. After WW II, possibly after the Korean War, I recall coming upon a book by a Thomas Gee, who was recounting his experiences - as a minister - in a Prisoner of War camp. A search for such a book has been to no avail. I have been in touch with the Union Theological Seminary and have been advised that one of their graduates was a Thomas Stafford GEE, who graduated in 1943. For further information I would have to send $50 for searching, plus copying, printing, and postage costs. While my interest is more that just a passing thought, I hope to avoid costs of that magnitude. My interest would be to contact this gentleman if he is still living - and/or specific information about his book so that I might be able to find a copy.

Angela Duchmann

May 24, 2004

Am Burgfeld 10
50374 Erftstadt, Germany

0049/ 2235/ 71174

I am trying to find out about my great-grandfather Henry Gee who probably went out to China as a Methodist preacher around the 1880s.He had a son born in China in 1888 from a Chinese lady and was christened Sol Gee.He left China to live in GB in 1913. Does anyone know about him or about Henry Gee?

Shelia Chancey

May 15, 2004

My name is Shelia Chancey. I am a decedent of Henry Gee b.1698. He had sons John Gee, b. 1740 and James Gee,who married Mary Walker Gee. I am a decendent of John Gee, B.1740. His wife was Rachel. John would be my GGGG Grandfather. I need proof that they were brothers. John and Temperance had a son named John Henry Gee, that was born is North Carolina June 19, 1768, he moved to Polk County Tenn. John Henry married Priscilla Crittenden, and one of their sons was Hiram Charles Gee, my GGG Grandfather, one of his sons was Joseph Gee, my GG Grandfather, one of his sons was Horace Gee my Great Grandfather, his daughter was Dollie Mae, my Grandmother, married John Haney, and my mother is Betty Haney Gallaher, and I was born Shelia Gallaher, Chancey. I see my ancestors listed in your book on line info. Also I have them on the 1880 Tennessee Census. I don't have any proof except The Census and this info on this site. How do I get proof of the linage? Help

Judy Tuckett-Bunnell

May 14, 2004

I am looking for information on Noah Gee born 25 January 1807 in Melksham, Wiltshire, England. In about 1833 he married a Mary Ann Moore (daughter of Charles and Martha Moore) from Ireland in Phildelphia, Pennsylvania. He died 27 September 1879 at Reece Creek, Montana. I have his father as Abraham Gee married to Elizabeth Fisher 19 May 1790, I think in England. This is about all of the information that I have. I would appreciate any help with this line.

Gary W. Gee, Sr.

April 20, 2004

23 Bellmont Court
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

(865) 220-8717

I have an original document signed by James M. Gee in 1848. The document is a form filled in by Gee, a Captain in the Army, which he apparently had to process to receive payment for the use of his horse and servant during his Mexican War Service. The document was processed by a Justice of the Peace in Gunters Landing (now Guntersville, Alabama). My research shows that James M. Gee subsequently moved to Texas. I have tried to link him to Charles and Hannah Gee - from whom I am descended - but have been unable to do so. I would appreciate any information on this James M. Gee.

Suzanne Gale Good

April 14, 2004

Hoping and praying someone can help me locate info on my great,great,great grandmother AMELIA GEE. I believe she married William{?} Gale and gave birth to my great,great grandfather HIRAM L.GALE 20 June 1827 in either New York or New Jersey. He married Christina Van Dusen Delamater on 4 July 1850 in Peekskill New York. I have no proof of their marriage except family notes said AMELIA GEE and William Gale were his parents. I can't find a single thing on AMELIA GEE and William Gale !!!! Please someone help me!!

Michael Dennis Gee

March 22, 2004

4500 North Mission Rd.
Rosebush, Michigan 48878

(925) 963-6560

My father's name is Dennis Gee and his father's name was Bernard Gee. He lived in Alma, Michigan. That's all I know.

Steve Stacey

March 22, 2004

40 Poplar Street
Monroeville, Alabama 36460

(251) 575-7083

I am not a family member but am interested to learn the identity of Capt. Gee (died 1799, only date) who is buried at the site of the Marriott Plantation located in Township 5 North, Range 5 East, Monroe County, AL. This area is near the Alabama River located near the road that connected Weatherford's Ferry (later, Ft. Claiborne during the Creek War 1813-1814) and Major Farmer's Plantation (today, Stockton, Baldwin County, AL.) At the time of Gee's death, a Tory settlement was well established and centered near the Farmer property. William Bartram, a naturalist to the Court of King George, traveled the area and rested at Major Farmer's plantation. The area is 100 river miles south of Gee's Bend in Wilcox County. The modern route by highway is approximately 65 miles. As stated, I have no interest from a family perspective but am curious from the historical perspective.

Donna Thompson Durbin

March 20, 2004

My grandfather, Karl Ellis Davis, was the son of John W. Davis and Sarah C. Virginia Gee of Bowling Green (Warren Co.), Kentucky. Sarah's tombstone reads Jennie Gee, wife of John W. Davis. She and several of her children and siblings are buried at Fairview Cemetary there. However, her husband John W. Davis, is no where to be found. He was with the family in the 1880 census, but gone by 1900. When did he die? Where? Where is he buried? Why is he not with his family? Would appreciate any information.

Beverly Ann Stone

March 4, 2004

I was just wondering if Eason Gee died so young why is there an Eason Gee League in Smith CO., TX in the Repubulic of TX records? There were Gee's and still are in that county and Cherokee Co That seem to be earlier than the Wood Co. Gee's. Unknown for sure. I was just following a Gee - Stone Lineage and ran into this site. I wondered if he left a grass roots widow and was one of "The Gone To Texas" people rather than died. We have Gee's interlaced with our Stone's and it was just something I wondered.

Nancy Seymoure

February 10, 2004

4 Treewood Court
Mansfield, Texas USA 76063

(817) 437-2358

I am in search of my birth mother. I was adopted through the Methodist Mission Home in San Antonio. My birthdate is April 12, 1959. My adoption paper stated Baby Gee of a D. Gee - mother. Please understand I am interested in knowing, but do not or want anything. Just would like to say "thank you" for loving me so much that you gave me up to a wonderful family so I could have a wonderful life.

Judy Bunnell

February 6, 2004

Information on Noah Gee born 25 January 1807 in Melksham, Wiltshire, England, came to America before 1833. Married Mary Ann Moore from Ireland in 1833. Died in Montana 27 September 1879. His Father was Abraham Gee and he married Elizabeth Fisher 19 May 1790. All I have from there back is the name of the fathers and that is Abraham Gee. If anyone can be of help it would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly McNulty

February 2, 2004

Im told that my family McNulty are originally from County Tipperary and that we have American cousins (on my maternal grandfathers side) called by the name of Gee. I anyone can help me as I desperatley want to trace my family tree I would be MOST GRATEFUL.

Jeffrey G(ee) Abbey

February 2, 2004

About me- My mother is Lois Mae Gee, daugther of Edwin Perry Gee, son of George Gee, son of John Sanford Gee Jr, son of John Sanford Gee Sr, son of Jesse Gee Sr, son of Neville Gee Sr, son of Charles Gee Jr, son of Charles Gee Sr and Hannah Drury. ? Does anyone get us back earlier than Charles SR and Hannah? Does this line tie to Sir William Gee that was part of the Jamestown Settlement along with Captain John Smith?

David George Gee

January 31, 2004

Deltona, Florida

Looking for information on the Gee Line in Manchester U.K. GGrandfather called John Gee not sure of wife's name. Their children were John, 1890 > 1956 Elizabeth, Jessie, Annie, George and Martha. There may have been more but am not sure. George Gee married Alice Bruce Avis in 1922. He died in 1938 of pnuemonia and emphasima. My father Alan is still living in Manchester. Any help would be appreciated.

Beth (Beers) Rupert

January 31, 2004

My Gee line goes back to a John Gee, who was born in 1635 in England, doesn't specify where and died 1702 in Eastchester, Westchester County, NY. He married a Mary (no last name listed) around 1670 in Westchester County, NY. He had property in Hutchinson's Brook, NY in 1665. Their children were: Jsoeph Gee born 1676 (my ancestor) Moses Gee born 1679 and James Gee born 1681. My line is:
Joseph....William.....Joseph.....Joseph.....Benjamin....Hulda Jane Gee, who married Ephraim Beers.... their son Charles Beers....his son Clarence Beers, my Dad Robert Beers, and me Beth Beers Rupert. Does anyone recognize any of these Gee people. They were around the Westchester County, NY area, then Hancock, and then Walton. If anyone can help me, I do have a little more info.

Sherriden Clements

January 3, 2004

I am trying to find a link on our side of the Gee family. I've been told that the Gee family came up from the U.S. circa mid 1800's while trying to evade the government/law. They settled in the southern part of Ontario - Bolton/Thames/Middlesex County/Kent County. I was told that the family changed their name to June to hide their identification.

William Gee born circa 1865 is the direct line he was married to Annie (Addie) Riffenback (Riffenbark) born circa 1864, their children:
Ellen Annie June born December 1885 in Newbury, Ont dd Sept. 1918 married Frederick Harry Clements
Helen June born April 13,1896 dd in Sarnia, Ont.
James Henry June born February 1891 in Mosa Twp - Middlesex County dd. 1964
Edith June born 1910 married Ronald Laven 1904
Douglas June
Wilfred June married Norma Bendage

Ellen Annie June contracted and died of diptheria while nursing her younger sister from the same. Ellen and Fredrick Clements had 4 children of their own. Any clues??

Harold Gee

January 2, 2004

242 W. Ivyglen
Mesa, AZ 85201

(480) 834-3974

I am trying to find any/all information on JOHN GEE who came from ENGLAND and settled in the WESTCHESTER CNTY area of NEW YORK. If records are to be believed his wife was MARY ??? and they had 3 sons JOSEPH, MOSES, and JAMES. I have not been able to determine where in ENGLAND he came from/where he landed in the UNITED STATES and there (as far as I can determine) no written record of his marriage or birth certificates of the sons. Can anyone help me out? Thank you in advance.

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