The Northern Gee Family

Several Gees immigrated to America in the 1600,1700, and 1800's. Many of these people settled in Virginia but many more settled in New York and Massachusetts. Among these were John Gee who immigrated to Westchester County, New York; Solomon Gee, born in Devonshire, England in 1698 and immigrated to Lyme, New London, Connecticut; Henry Charles Gee who was born in Manchester, England Nov. 26, 1813 and died in the vicinity of Jersey City, NJ in 1890; and Peter Gee who was born in Newton Ferrers, Devon, England and came to the Isle of Shoals off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire sometime before 1653.

The descendants of Solomon Gee are known to a considerable degree. His family spread westward to Ohio, Iowa, and Michigan then further westward all the way to Utah and California. A gedcom on Solomon's descendants is available for download.

Many of the Gee family members in the New York and Michigan area ultimately moved into Canada. There remain relatively large populations of Gees in Canada north of Michigan and eastward into Quebec. Most of these Gees are of English descent but some can trace their lineage back to France where there are as many as three small villages named Gee. One of these villages is in the Loire Valley region.

In 1847 William Gee, his wife Mary Ann Markham Gee, and children David, Martha, and Afreed were passangers on the Westminster, the last commercial sail boat making trips across the Atlantic. The Westminster, a clipper ship, was owned by Black X lines and built by Christian Bergh & Co. The crossing in 1847 from London to New York took 5 weeks and 3 days due to unfavorable wind conditions. Upon arrival the Gee family went up the Hudson River and Lake Erie to Port Stanley and from there to London, Ontario, Canada. In the fall of 1869 the Gee's went to Harrison County, Iowa and stayed with their friends, the John Wallis family. In the spring of 1870 they bought 60 acres and later bought 200 more. For information on the lineage of this northern Gee family see Ben and Judy White's web pages at

On the page entitled Information Sources on the Gee Family are links to several family genealogy pages with information on various branches of the Gee family. Some of these pages contain information on the Gee family in the north. The pages with information on the northern family are indicated in the text associated with each link. Click here to jump directly to that section.

My information on the Gee family in the north is somewhat sparse. I continue to collect data and will update this page as new information becomes available.

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