Descendants of Charles and Hannah Gee

The lineage on this page represents my direct line from Charles and Hannah. Further information is available on some descendants by clicking on their hyperlinks. Please note that some links are to other sites. To return to this page please use your browser's back button.

Children of Charles1 and Hannah Gee

  1. Captain James Gee b.1694 d. October 5, 1759 m. Boyce Scott
  2. Charles Gee b. circa 1696 m Bridget Neville
  3. Henry Gee m. Rachel
  4. Robert Gee m. Elizabeth ?

Children of Charles2 Gee and Bridget Neville Gee

  1. James Gee b. circa 1725 m. ? Jones ?
  2. William Gee b. circa 1727 m. Tabitha Ingram
  3. Neavil Gee b. circa 1729 m. ? Lucas
  4. Henry Gee b. circa 1733 m. Elizabeth Darden
  5. Benjamin Gee b. September 10, 1739 d. 1815 m. Jane Green
  6. Jesse Gee b. January 9,1745 or 1746 m. Elizabeth Townsend

Children of Neavil3 Gee

  1. Nancy Gee m. ? Bowers
  2. Jesse Gee b. circa 1759 m. Elizabeth Sanford
  3. Jones Gee b. circa 1760 m. Mary Ragsdale
  4. Amey Gee m. Drury Andrews
  5. William Gee m. Catherine Jones
  6. George Gee b. circa 1766 d. circa 1848
  7. Lucas Gee
  8. Neavil Gee m. Elizabeth Andrews
  9. James Gee m. Lucy Bugg
  10. Reuben Gee b. March 26, 1782 m. Jane Gee dau. of Jesse3 Gee (Charles2)

Children of James Gee4 and Lucy Bugg Gee

  1. Jefferson Gee lived in Plano, TX
  2. Sack H. Gee of Bowling Green, KY
  3. ? Gee female m. ? Kirkpatrick of Monroe Co., KY
  4. James Pennington Gee
  5. John Bugg Gee b. June 20, 1801 in Monroe Co., KY m. Anna Sims

Children of John Bugg Gee5 and Anna Sims Gee

  1. William James Gee b. Feb. 13 1822 d. Jan. 30, 1885 m. Mary Newell
  2. Lucy Gee m. William Williams
  3. Elizabeth Gee m. John Hutchings
  4. Hall S. Gee, single
  5. Mary Gee m. John McMillin
  6. Sarah Gee, single
  7. Sack J. Gee m. Susan Maxey and went to Johnson Co., TX circa 1870
  8. Almarinda Gee, single
  9. John Bugg Gee, Jr. m. ?
  10. Thonrton H. Gee m. Ella Williams

Children of William James Gee6 and Mary Newell Gee

  1. Alfred Barton Gee b. 1844 m. Elizabeth Kerr
  2. Ann Gee m. Winston Bailey
  3. Nannie Gee m. Milton Boyles
  4. John Robert Bugg Gee m. Esther ?, went to east Texas
  5. Artemia Gee m. Turner Halsell
  6. Reuben Monroe Gee b. Dec. 23, 1859 m. Mary Kerr
  7. Elizabeth Gee b. Dec. 8, 1862 m. Dr. T.H. Bedford
  8. Louisa Gee b. Dec. 16, 18643 m. L.T. Moore
  9. Susan Gee, single
  10. Sack Bedford Gee b. Feb. 16, 1869 m Iddye Goodwin
  11. William Edward Gee b. Oct. 12, 1872 m. Mattie Freeman and Winona Glass

Children of John Robert Bugg Gee7 and Esther ?

  1. Alice Gee b. circa 1874 in KY
  2. Ella Gee b. circa 1876 in Indiana
  3. John Barton Gee d. Dec. 14, 1931, m. Ida Lily
  4. Harry Gee m. Stella Gee and Zoey Gee both daughters of John Almond Gee

    Children of John Robert Bugg Gee and a second wife.

  5. Maud Gee m. ? Hicks of Benton, AR
  6. Minda Gee

Children of John Barton Gee8 and Ida Lily

  1. Floyd Gee b. Aug. 20, 1900 in TX, m. Loney Mae Elmore

Children of Floyd Gee9 and Loney Elmore

  1. Elbert Rudolph Gee
  2. Maurice Gee m. Ernestine Johnson
  3. Ernestine Gee
  4. Johnny Gee

Children of Maurice Gee10 and Ernestine Johnson

  1. Mike Gee m. Martha Smelser
  2. Pamela Jo Gee m. John Bohannan

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