Books on the Gee Family

The Gee Family

By W.J. Fletcher

The Gee Family copyright 1937 contains extensive information on the descendants of Charles and Hannah Gee. The first few chapters contain general historical information about the Gee family in England. Succeeding chapters contain lineage and biographical information on the descendants of Charles and Hannah.

The book was originally published by the Tuttle Publishing Co., Inc. in Rutland, Vermont, recently reprinted by Evansville Bindery, Inc. - 221 E. Columbia - Evansville, Indiana 47711. Please note that Evansville Bindery does not have copies of the book for sale. This information is provided in case others have books they might want to have reprinted.

Tuttle has recently reprinted The Gee Family. The new soft-cover volume is available from Tuttle Publishing Co. at a cost of $35 plus $5 shipping.

The Kin of Dr. Ned Gee of Lunenburg County, Virginia

By Samuel Edward Gee

The Kin of Dr. Ned Gee of Lunenburg County, Virginia copyright 1975, Library of Congress number 75-18805, is concerned primarily with the descendants of Neville3 Gee, (Charles1, Charles2). There is extensive biographical and lineage information. The preface contains a few details not mentioned in the book by Fletcher.

I purchased this book through my local library several years ago from the Virginia Book Company - PO Box 431 - Berryville, Virginia 22611.

Marian Kessler and Garnette Teass have published an update of this book. Click on the update link for more information.

Gee Family Genealogy

By Judy Wallis White

The Gee Family Genealogy follows ten generations of Gee's starting with Daniel and Eleanor Robinson Gee of Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England in 1720. It follows Grandsons Jeremiah and William Gee to Canada in 1847 then traces the families of Jeremiah in Canada and William in the United States to present date.

Pulication date June 1, 1998. For more information see the author's listing on the Gee Family Researchers and Historians page.

China Voyager: Gist Gee's Life in Science

By William J. Haas, 1996

China Voyager: Gist Gee's Life in Science, Armonk, NY/ London, England: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1996. ISBN 1-56324-674-0 (hardcover: alk. paper) $65. ISBN 1-56324-675-9 (softcover: alk. paper) $24.95. May be ordered directly from the publisher, M. E. Sharpe, Inc. 80 Business Park Drive, Armonk, NY 10504 or from your local book reseller.

From back of book cover (paperback edition): A native of Union, South Carolina, Gist Gee spent thirty years in China as a participant in the varied avenues of Sino-American interaction that helped build science in China. As a Southern Methodist educator in Soochow from 1901-1920, a Rockefeller official in Bejing from 1922-1932, and a biological researcher through his entire sojourn, Gee was instrumental in the transfer of modern science to China.

In this biography of an important but little-known American scientist, William J. Haas touches on the key themes of religious and secular beliefs and the evolution of Chinese scientific and educational institutions during the early 1900's, while simultaneously illuminating the cultural and human dimensions of, in Jonathan Spence's phrase, Western advisers in China. The extraordinary amount of research on the cultural and political context of Gist Gee's life in both the United States and China, from Union to Soochow, from Methodists to Buddhists, provides a broad overview of the intercultural world of Sino-American scientific relations during the first part of the century. Moreover, China Voyager: Gist Gee's Life in Science discusses the importance of the Rockefeller Foundations's work in China and its support for the natural sciences. All those interested in the role of Western science and the philanthropic organizations that helped foster the scientific and cultural history of China in the early twentieth century will want to read this eloquent biography.

William J. Haas is assistant professor of history at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He was a Fulbright fellow to China, where he was sponsored by the Institute for the History of Natural Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Haas took his Ph.D. in the history of science from Harvard University.

This biography contains some of the Gee family genealogy from Charles and Hannah down through Neavil and the Charles Powder Face line in synopsis form. If you are interested in the Gee family from a broad historical perspective, this work is good reference material. The author is meticulous in his family research and very thorough. This is a scholarly work. The work is particularly interesting when comparing notes with other Gee lines.

The Gee Family of Union County, South Carolina

By Wilson Gee

The Gee Family of Union County, South Carolina copyright 1935, is available through inter-library loan after December 20, 1996 from the Library of Virginia, 11th Street at Capitol Square, Richmond, VA 23219

Poems by Dr. John Henry Gee 1819-1876, and a selection from The Palace of the Heart and Other Poems of Love, by Pattie Williams Gee 1867-1934.

Collected and mimeographed by William James Fletcher, compiler of The Gee Family.

Includes biographical sketches of the authors. See biographical information on the GEEnealogy page for Dr. John Henry Gee and Pattie Williams Gee. This material is available through inter-library loan after December 20, 1996 from the Library of Virginia, 11th Street at Capitol Square, Richmond, VA 23219.

A Family Chronicle of S. Bradford Rymer

By Zola Rymer Graf

A Family Chronicle of S. Bradford Rymer copyright 1960, printed in the USA by McClenathan Printery, Inc., Dunkirk, NY is about 140 pages of text and photos of the family of S. Bradford Rymer of Tennessee whose wife was Clara LaDosky Gee. Mr. Rymer founded the Dixie Corporation which later bought Magic Chef. The book contains histories of both the Rymer and Gee families.

Samuel Gee and His Descendants, 1794 - 1969

By Lon Gee

Samuel Gee and His Descendants was privately published by the author in 1971. There were a limited number of books published and the volume is no longer in print. The first three chapters of the book are taken almost entirely from The Gee Family by W. J. Fletcher with minor additions from The Gee Family of Union County, South Carolina by Wilson Parham Gee and other sources. The remainder of the book chronicles the life of Samuel Gee son of Eason Gee and Abigail Davis Gee from Pendleton District, South Carolina to Georgia then Alabama and westward to Texas. The final chapters list the descendants of Samuel up to the year 1969.

Descendants of Solomon Gee of Lyme,Connecticut

By Charles Benjamin

Descendants of Solomon Gee of Lyme, Connecticut privately published in 1981 and printed by Light and Life Press,Winona Lake, Indiana. The Library of Congress number is LOC #81-81764. The book lists 4,184 descendants of Solomon Gee and contains historical information about this branch of the Gee family.

The Descendants of Cheney Boyce, "Ancient Planter," and of Richard Craven for seven Generations

Compiled by John Anderson Bryton of Winston-Salem, NC

The Descendants of Cheney Boyce, copyright 1996, includes information on the following families: Briggs, Chappell, Coggins, Gee, Rives, Scott, Tatum and others. This is the family of the wife of James Gee (son of Charles and Hannah).  Boyce Scott is in the 4th generation addressed by the author.  He does a thorough job of James & Boyce Gee's family for three generations.  There are 486 pages (Cost $40), with locality index, name index, and bibliography.

Descendants of Solomon Gee of Lyme,Connecticut

By Charles Benjamin

Descendants of Solomon Gee of Lyme, Connecticut privately published in 1981 and printed by Light and Life Press,Winona Lake, Indiana. The Library of Congress number is LOC #81-81764. The book lists 4,184 descendants of Solomon Gee and contains historical information about this branch of the Gee family.

General Reference Works With Gee Family Information

DAR Patriot Index

Centennial Edition, Part II

This two volume work was published by The National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1776 D Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20006, copyright 1994. Page 141 of this volume contains brief information on Gee family members living in Virginia during the 1700s.

Prominent Families in America with British Ancestry

Printed by the British Book Centre, Inc.

This volume, copyright 1971 was published by the British Book Centre through the New York publisher, London House and Maxwell. It contains brief information about Gee family members in Virgina during the 1700s.

Cumberland Parish

By Landon C. Bell

Cumberland Parish copyright 1930, contains historical information on the role of the church in civil government during colonial times. The first ten chapters describe such issues as land processionings, the Vestry, churches, and the parish. The next few chapters include genealogies of several prominent families in Cumberland Parish including the Gee family. This book is available through inter-library loan from the Howard Memorial Library in New Orleans, LA.

The Old Free State

By Landon C. Bell

The Old Free State volumes I and II copyright 1927, printed by The William Byrd Press, Inc. of Richmond, VA is a history of Lunenburg County, Virginia beginning with Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584 and continuing until the time immediately after the Civil War. Nearly 300 of the more than 1200 pages are devoted to genealogies of about 30 Lunenburg families including the Gee family. The books include abstracts of marriage bonds from 1746 to 1850, maiden names, places of birth and death when available, dates of marriage and death, names and dates of children's births and deaths, etc. This is the book most often cited by W. J. Fletcher in his book The Gee Family.

These books are currently available via inter-library loan from the University of Arkansas Library. Reprints of the books are available from Heritage Books.

Sunlight on the Southside: List of Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia 1748-1783.

Landon C. Bell, comp.

Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1974

History of Monroe County Kentucky 1820-1988

Dayton Birdwell, comp.

Monroe County Press, Tompkinsville, KY - copyright 1992. Includes background on early Kentucky history, and entries from Gee descendants and allied families of early pioneers of Kentucky County, Virginia.

Historical Southern Families. Vol. 13

Mrs. John Bennett Boddie, ed.

Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore - copyright 1969. Many Gees married descendants of the Breed, Avery, Gist, Harlan, Howard, Means, Chism, Mulkey and Mayfield families, traced in this volume.

"Gee" in Historical Southern Families. Vol. 14

Mrs. John Bennett Boddie, ed.

Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore - copyright 1974. Cites Wills & Deeds, Prince George Co., Va. Includes reference to Gee family 1721-1725.

History of the Baptists in South Carolina, 1772

By Morgan Edwards

Mss. copy, Furman University Library, Greensville, S.C. Traces evangelical movement of Bapist in N.C., S.C., and to Monroe County Kentucky where the Old Mulkey Church was established about 1798. Many Gee descendants trace their pioneer ancestors to the names of the early organizers of this church, now a Kentucky State Shrine.

Lunenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1757-1761

T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL - copyright 1990

Deed Book 5, p. 524 entry Oct. 10, 1759 for Charles Gee of Succex [Sussex] County, to Henry Gee ... Dec. 4, 1759 p. 525 Charles Gee Sr of Succex (Sussex) County, . Neavel Gee of L, ... Index gives entries for Charles, Charles Sr., Henry, James, Neavel, Neavill, William.

Gee Family of Carter County" in Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky and Their Descendants.

By William C. Kozee

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD - copyright 1973. Traces family of Henry Gee m. Polly (surname unknown). Author says family tradition says they came to Kentucky in 1825.

Marriages of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1853

Emma Robertson Matheny and Helen K. Yates, comps.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD - copyright 1979. pp. i-iii-48, 152. Preface includes chart showing territory of Lunenburg County in 1746. Includes marriage records for several Gees.

Monroe County History 1820-1970

By William Lynwood Montell

Monroe County Press, Tompkinsville, KY - copyright 1970. Dr. Montell, Western Kentucky University, is as an expert on the history and folklore of the of the area comprising old Kentucky State, Virginia. He is the author of The Saga of Coe Ridge, Don't Go Up Kettle Creek, and Ghosts Along the Cumberland.

Monroe County Kentucky Cemetery Records. Vols. 1 and 2

Eva Coe Peden, comp.

Records of cemetery locations, with individual listing of markers of many Gee descendants.

Bible and Family Records of Barren County, Kentucky and Surrounding Areas, Vol. I

Eva Coe Peden, comp.

At D.A.R Library, Washington, D.C.

Kentucky A History of the State

By W.M. Perrin, J.H. Battle and G.C. Kniffin.

Louisville, 1886

Monroe County Kentucky Marriage Records 1863-1889

Minnie (Perkins) Pickerel and Marcella Pickerel comp.

At D.A.R. Library, Washington, D.C. Includes marriage record for Gees and allied families.

Tompkinsville News. 50th Anniversary Edition. 84 pages. Vol. 51:21 (October 28, 1954)

Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800

Clayton Torrence, comp.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD - copyright 1985. An index of wills recorded in local courts of Virginia, 1632-1800, and of administrations on estates shown by inventories of the estates of intestates recorded in will (and other) books of local courts, 1632-1800.

Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Lunenburg County, Virginia

Netti Schreiner Yantis, and Florence Speakman-Love, comps.

Genealogical Books in Print, Springfield, Virginia - copyright 1987. Index lists Gees.. Compilers say "The composite 1787 Census of Virginia made up of the tax lists of all the counties is an invaluable tool in locating early Virginia ancestors...."

The Gee Family Papers

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University - Ithaca, New York

In the words of the archivist at Cornell "A fascinating collection". Copies of some of the items are available at a cost of 20 cents/copy plus $5.00 postage and handling, but they do not routinely copy entire collections. Give the archivist your specific area of interest from the summary below.

NAME: Gee family.
TITLE: Gee family papers
DATES: 1777-1973.
QUANTITY: 1.2 cubic ft.
Orderly book, Aug. 27-Oct. 26, 1779, of Sullivan's campaign kept by Thomas Gee; correspondence, 1803-1934, concerning Thomas Gee, taxes, and his heirs; transcription, photocopy, and photos of the orderly book; photocopies and photographs of Thomas Gee's military service record and other legal documents; Gee family genealogy and family tree; correspondence with historical societies, libraries, archives, and genealogical societies concerning the compilation of the Gee genealogy, from Henrietta Gee McFarland; paper by Mrs. McFarland, "Frontier Fort,"; and photographs including Gee family gravestones and the graveyard at St. Andrew's Cemetery, Walden, N.Y., where many Gee family members were buried. Also, commission, discharge, and land grant, 1777-1790.

CITE AS: Gee Family. Papers, #4176. Division of Rare and Manuscripts Collections, Cornell University Library.

Thomas E. Gee, d.1796, was quartermaster sergeant in Col. John Lamb's regiment of artillery, a detachment from which, commanded by Capt. Wool, was attached to Clinton's brigade during the Sullivan expedition.

Elaine Engst
University Archivist
Division of Rare & Manuscript Collections
2B Kroch Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover 1709-1712

Edited by Louis B. Wright and Marion Tinling

The diary published in 1941 by the Dietz Press, Richmond, VA is one of the earliest known personal diaries from the southern colonies. This material, discovered in the Huntington Library in 1939, provides a clear picture of everyday life in Tidewater Virginia at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Several daily entries mention a Mr. Gee thought be Henry Gee II of Henrico County.

Gee Information Sources on the WWW

Library Search

The Library of Virginia

The Library of Virginia contains numerous works by authors named Gee including many works by Wilson Gee. These volumes can be obtained through the inter-library loan program. You can search for these volumes with the library's online catalog.

There are also many papers and manuscripts available including lineage information on surnames other than Gee that have links to the Gee family. Copies of these items are available by mail order. You can search for these items in the library's Archives and Manuscripts section.

Genealogy Pages with Links to the Gee Surname

Family Pages

Miscellaneous Web Sites

Check out the Gee Family Genealogy Forum on Genforum. There you will find hundreds of messages and questions posted by Gee family researchers or you can post your own.

Try the Roots Web Gen Connect Board for Gee - Judy Wallis White coordinator.

Subscribe to the Roots Web Mail List for Gee also coordinated by Judy Wallis White. To subscribe click on the link below and put the word subscribe in the body of the message.

Gee Mail List

If you are researching your Gee family roots in Monroe County, KY and excellent resource in the Monroe County, KY Genealogy page, a part of the USGenWeb project. There you will find census records, an excellent query system, information the early settlers and land owners of Monroe County, researchers and much more!

For information on the Gee family in New Zealand go to The Gee Index found on Rob Burrowes' Family Tree Page. Rob's site lists dozens of Gee family members in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

The following link is to a site in Canada that allows a search of 1871 census records in Ontario. Numerous Gee's can be found here.

This page presented by the Prescott Community Freenet Association contains extensive lists of names in Nevada County Cemeteries, including numerous Gees. Two lists are presented. The McKelvy Survey begun in 1997 and the Extension Homemaker's Survey from a project that began in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers.

To read an excellent article on John Henry Gee who was born on June 21, 1813 in Anderson County, South Carolina go to the Depot Museum's page on the Gee Estate

Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants is an organization dedicated to the history and genealogy of West Virginia, especially the central part of the state including Lewis County, Harrison County, Monongalia County, Barbour County, Upshur County, Webster County, Braxton County, Gilmer County, and Doddridge County. There you can find links to information on some of the Gee family members who settled in that area.

Information on Moses Gee of Lawrence Co., AR possibly the son of Robert Gee and Nancy Hatwood of Orange Co., NC can be found on this site by Jeri Helms Fultz. The Grundy County, Missouri page contains an excellent article on William Gee one of Moses Gee's brothers. For more information also check the listing for Bobby Jay Wadsworth on the Gee Family Researchers and Historians page.

See the US Distribution of the Gee surname on color coded maps. You can select maps that reflect surname distribution in 1850, 1880, 1920, and 1990. The data for the 1850, 1880, and 1920 maps is from census records. The 1990 map is generated from phone book entries.

Yates Publishing Company features the Computerized Ancestor, a searchable online database with millions of names. This database reflects the contents of a 34 year collection by William A. Yates and Yates Publishing, containing information from family group sheets, pedigree charts, letters, Bible records, wills, and manuscript genealogies. Yates is continually adding updated info via gedcom files. A search of the database yields information on numerous Gees.

Byron Sistler and Associates have a catalog of over 900 books with information from census records, marriage records, and county record books. Books are categorized by state. There are dozens of books with records from Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

Use the search feature of The Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Database to an Index of Indiana Marriages Through 1850 to find approximately 54 marriages of Gee family members.

Blair's Book Service Online Database allows you to search a database of over 8,500 book titles and descriptions. A few books of interest to Gee family researchers are available from this site including a photocopied version of The Gee Family by W. J. Fletcher.

Several descendants of Charles and Hannah Gee settled in Monroe County, Kentucky. For detailed information on the lineage of James and Jesse Gee, Kentucky pioneers who settled near the Cumberland River see The Gee Family of Monroe Co, Kentucky, a page presented by Douglas Moore. Includes a map showing the location of the Gee homesteads and the Gee Cemetery at Turkey Neck Bend.

The Virginia Colonial Records Project, sponsored by The Library of Virginia, provides access to information about historical documents relating to the colonial period in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A search of the database yields numerous hits relating to the Gee family in Virginia.

GenDex Index of Surnames

GenDex is a WWW genealogical index that contains over 900,000 names. A search of GenDex for the surname Gee currently yields 177 names. Most of these names are for persons in New York and Ohio.

The Gee Pages

The largest collection of Gees on the Net. This site created and maintained by Ralph Gee.

Gee Information Sources on Usenet (Relatively new newsgroup, very little activity)

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