Gee Family Facts

Brief bits of information on the Gee family and specific family members.

Only two persons were tried for war crimes after the Civil War. One was Captain Henry Wirtz, Swiss-born commandant of Andersonville prison. Wirtz was convicted and subsequently hanged. The other was Major John Henry Gee who was commandant of Salisbury Prison in North Carolina in 1864 and 1865. Major Gee was acquitted after a sensational trial that was widely reported in the eastern press.

Bessie Smith, the famous blues singer in the 20's and 30's was married to a man named Jack Gee. Jack was reportedly a violent man not noted for his fidelity but he collaborated with Bessie to write at least one song, Reckless Blues.

In 1912 the Titanic sank claiming the lives of as many as 1,503 passengers. Among them was first class passenger Arthur H. Gee, age 47, who lived in St Anne's on the Sea, Lancashire, England. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gee and their four children moved to St. Annes, Lancashire, England, in the early months of 1912. Mr. Gee represented Messrs. Whitehead, Sumner, Harker and Company, a Manchester machinery exporter, and was scheduled to make a business trip to Mexico in April of that year after which he was contemplating retiring. Gee intended to sail from Liverpool, but he readily agreed with a suggestion that he transfer to the brand new Titanic.

When the time came for Arthur Gee to leave for Southampton, the family dog, which was normally devoted to the children, followed him to the train station and jumped about him in such a demonstrative fashion that he commented on the strangeness of the incident. Mr. Gee felt it remarkable that the dog seemed to sense that he was going on a long voyage.

Arthur Gee's body was recovered by the ship Mackay-Bennett, sent to find the bodies of the passengers and crew after the Titanic disaster. He is buried at the Height, Manchester, England.

For much more information on Arthur Gee including a photo see his lising under "First Class Passengers on Encyclopedia Titanica.

The English rock group Jethro Tull recorded an instrumental entitled "One for John Gee". John Gee was the manager of the Marquee Club in London. He was the first person to show enough faith in the group to ask them to return to play again. "One For John Gee" was originally found on the LP, _This Was_ as the B-side counterpart to "Song For Jeffrey". As I understand it the song can only be found on the Jethro Tull 20th Anniversary CD.

According to the book The History of Horseracing by Roger Longrigg, published by Macmillan in 1972, the founder of municipal horse racing was Henry Gee, the Mayor of Chester, England, who in 1511 arranged for the city of Chester to give a prize of a silver bell ( weighing approx. two ounces ) to the fastest horse in a race organized by the city.

According to the Tombstone Epitaph published by the University of Arizona a past Gee resident of Tombstone, Mary Gee, is responsible for the planting of the world's largest rose bush more than 110 years ago. The bush, planted in 1885, today covers 8500 square feet with a 2 1/2 foot diameter trunk and is still growing. The bush was recognized as the "World's Largest" in 1937 by Robert Ripley of Ripley's Believe it or Not fame. It is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest rose bush.

Kate Grenville, award winning Australian author was born Kate Grenville Gee in 1950.

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