Evidence of the Ancestry of Charles (Powder Face) Gee

The Gee Family by Mr. W.J. Fletcher has long been regarded as a reliable source of lineage information for the descendants of Charles and Hannah Gee. This work has been quoted innumerable times by almost every author and researcher of Gee family history since its publication in 1937 - and for good reason. However, the history as presented by Mr. Fletcher appears to be incorrect in the case of Charles (Powder Face) Gee (Fletcher, p. 54). At the time of his publication Mr. Fletcher apparently was unaware of a very important letter handwritten by Everard Wilson Gee, a son of Powder Face. A transcript of this letter, written to Everard's children, appears in The Kin of Dr. Ned Gee of Lunenburg County, Virginia, by Samuel Edward Gee, published in 1975 (Gee, p. 6). Mr. Gee states in the book that he personally inspected the letter in 1974. This letter is the basis for the belief that Mr. Fletcher was incorrect regarding the ancestry of Powder Face Gee.

For the purpose of clarity the following terminology will be used in the remainder of this text regarding the apparent lineage of Charles (Powder Face) Gee:

  1. Charles1 b. circa 1650 and Hannah Gee of Surry and Prince George Counties in Virginia.
  2. Charles2 Gee b. circa 1696 m. Bridget Neville?
  3. James3 Gee b. circa 1725.
  4. Charles4 (Powder Face) Gee.
  5. Everard5 Gee

The Evidence

Items from Everard's letter with corroboration:

  1. In the first few sentences of Everard's letter he clearly states that his father was the son of James Gee and that his mother was a Williams.
    - The 1776 Lunenburg will of John Wms. mentions his executer James Gee & the same
    James Gee as the guardian of his children. wit. by James & Brigit Gee
  2. Everard named his second child, born Nov. 4, 1830, after the child's great grandfather, James3 H. Gee.
  3. Everard had an older brother named James5 H. Gee, probably named after his grandfather but not so stated in the letter.
    There are many Neavils in other Gee lines but none in the Charles4 (Powder Face)
    line. However, the name James appears often throughout the line. (Gee, p. 19)
  4. Everard states that his parents had 11 children and raised 10 to maturity.
    - The 1810 Lunenburg Census has only 1 Charles Gee in it. His family has 6 boys &
    3 girls. Everard's brother Wilson was married in 1808 & is listed in the census
    for a total of 10.
  5. Everard's mother was a daughter of Robert Wilson & his wife a Stone.
  6. Everard refers to his mother as Sarah, which is formal for Sally.
    - Charles Gee md. Sally Wilson in 1787.
  7. Everard names his youngest son for his father & his mother's family: Charles Wilson Gee.

The following statements from Everards letter match information provided by Fletcher:

  1. "My first wife was the only daughter of Thomas Gee."
    Rebecca Gee, Fletcher page 73, #10.
  2. "At the death of Drury Gee, my wife's uncle, we got a small legacy,.."
    The will of Drury Gee makes a bequest to the children of his brother Thomas
    Gee. They are Nathan Gee, Rebecca Gee, and Thomas Gee, Fletcher page 72, #6.

For the purpose of aiding further research and confirmation, the children of Charles (Power Face) Gee are listed below.

Children of Charles4 (Powder Face) Gee

  1. James H.
  2. Wilson
  3. Everard Wilson Gee (1798-1859); md. Rebecca Crymes Gee
  4. Edward Bonner (Ned) bn. @ 1801
  5. Charles to Miss. @1823
  6. Judith
  7. (Female, died at age 2)
  8. Cissly Minerva md. Francis Rainey
  9. (Unknown)
  10. (Unknown)

My sincere thanks to Bob Skinner and Bobby Jay Wadsworth for all their efforts in researching this question.

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