Eason and Abigail Davis Gee

A possible link between this branch of the Gee family and the Charles and Hannah line is suggested, but not proven conclusively, in the book Samuel Gee and His Descendants by Lon Gee.

The correct spelling of the name Eason is unclear. According to information I have the name was variously spelled Aeson, Easton, or Eason. Additionally Eason was listed occasionally on legal documents as Eason Jay, presumably because of the English influence on pronunciation at the time. The birth year of Eason is unknown but he married Abigail Davis in what was then Pendleton County, South Carolina circa 1786. Pendleton county was later divided into Anderson and Pickens counties. The Gees lived in what is now Anderson County.

Eason Gee is probably the son of John Gee (Charles1, Henry2). John lived in Cumberland County, North Carolina with his wife Temperance from about 1765 - 1785 then moved to Union County, South Carolina with his wife and son John Henry Gee.

Eason Gee died in Pendleton County, South Carolina in early 1794 leaving his young widow Abigail and four children all under the age of eight. It is likely that Eason died at a particularly young age since all indications are that Abigail was in her twenties at the time. On February 23, 1808 Abigail married William Bennet, a widower in his late fifties with several grown children.

Eason and Abigail Gee had the following children:

  1. Jeremiah Davis Gee 1787 - 1852 m. Mary Cornelius
  2. John Gee c1790 - 1813 unmarried
  3. Joannah Gee c1792 - ? m. ? Posey
  4. Samuel Gee 1794 - c1877 m. Margaret Kennedy

The children of Jeremiah D. Gee and Mary Cornelius Gee are as follows:

  1. Mary A. Gee 1809 - 1887 m. Evan Richardson & William Bobbit
  2. Abigail Gee c1811 - unknown m. ? Anderson
  3. John Henry Gee 1813 - 1880 m. Rachel Grace Cobb
  4. Samuel D. Gee c1816 - unknown m Sarah Maldwin
  5. Rolan Cornelius Gee c1818 - c1858 m Sarah Henry

Jeremiah and Mary Gee are listed in the Pendleton County, South Carolina census of 1840. In the census of 1850 they are listed as living in Fayette County, Alabama along with their son John Henry and in Pickens county their son Samuel Davis Gee.

The children of Samuel and Mary Kennedy Gee are as follows:

  1. Jeremiah Alonzo Gee b. 2 August, 1831 in Butts County, GA
  2. Malissa Caroline Gee b. circa 1833 in Butts County, GA
  3. Louisa Edith Gee b. circa 1835 in Jefferson County, AL
  4. Martha Christiana Adelaide Gee b. 14 December, 1837 in Jefferson County, AL; m. J.E. Ray
  5. Aurelius Cincinnatus Gee b. circa 1840 in Jefferson County, AL 1850 census incorrectly listed him as a female named Aurelia. 1860 census incorrectly lists him as Orlivus.

Samuel Gee entered military service when he was 21 years old in 1815. Samuel along with his brother Jeremiah acquired a considerable amount of land during the next 20 years. In the 1820 census Samuel Gee is shown to be a single man living in Elbert County, Georgia just across the Savannah River from Pendleton County. In 1828 Samuel married Margaret Kennedy who is reported to be one eighth Cherokee Indian. In 1834 Samuel sold his property in Georgia and moved to Alabama. By all accounts Samuel was a prosperous, well educated man, with considerable land holdings but records indicate that he fell upon hard times in later years.

By 1856 Samuel Gee had once again moved his family. He settled in a portion of Wood County, Texas that was later to become Rains County. Traditions of the Gee family in Texas indicated that Samuel Gee was learned in Greek and Latin, and that he was connected in some way with the founding of the University of Alabama although there is no known proof of this connection. Samuel Gee died in Texas late in the year 1877.

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