Elmore Family Lineage

There is documentation on the lineage of the Elmore family from Charles Elmore b. ca 1754 to present. Before 1754 the lineage is unproven.

Children of Peter Elmore1, b. ca 1627, d. post 1681 and Jane ?

  1. Peter, b. ca 1643, d. 1725 m. Frances ?, (2) Charity ?
  2. Thomas, b. after 1651

Children of Peter2 Elmore and Charity ?

  1. Peter, b. ca 1668, d. 1718
  2. Frances
  3. Thomas
  4. Annie
  5. Unk Female (Petry)

Children of Peter3 Elmore

  1. William
  2. Charles
  3. Beck
  4. George
  5. John, b. 1703, d. 1757, m. Anne, m. 1728 (2) Ann Reynolds, d. 1772

Children of John4 Elmore and Ann Reynolds

  1. Rachel
  2. Travis
  3. George, b. 1722, d. 1792, m. 1742
  4. Charles
  5. John
  6. Betty

Children of George5 Elmore

  1. Anne
  2. Peter
  3. Travis
  4. Thomas
  5. George
  6. James
  7. Charles b. ca 1754
  8. Christopher
  9. William

Children of Charles6 Elmore

  1. Unk
  2. Graham
  3. George
  4. Elija b. 1790, d. 1863, m Rebecca Shirley
  5. Travis
  6. Unk

Children of Elija7 Elmore and Rebecca Shirley

  1. Beverly8
  2. John8
  3. Charles8 b. 1813, d. 1894, m. Sarah Martin Watters; Issue:

    1. Elijah9 Elmore born 1836 in Alabama, married Francis Alexander, daughter of John Alexander and Martha Scarborough of Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Frances Alexander's grandfather and Robert E. Lee's grandmother were siblings. Elijah was a tinsmith who made many household articles and enjoyed working with guns. Elijah and Francis met on a wagon train to Arkansas in 1857. Along the way the Elmore and Alexander families separated and headed for different destinations. Elijah asked his father to stop and wait for him while he went back to find Francis and marry her. They married in June 1857 and finished the journey to Magnolia, Arkansas where they settled. Issue:

      1. Annie Laurie10 Elmore b. July 14, 1858
      2. Thomas Jefferson10 Elmore b. April 14, 1862; d. Jan. 15, 1901; m. Julia Emily Todd March 5, 1885
      3. Alonzo Baron10 Elmore b. Nov. 15, 1864; d. Sept. 25, 1945; m. Anna Drew Nov. 1892
      4. Daisie Dean10 Elmore b. April 1867; d. Oct. 3, 1939; m. Henry King in 1887
      5. John Alexander10 Elmore b. Aug. 29, 1869; m. Alice Holmes on Dec. 23, 1894
      6. Eva Lena10 Elmore b. April 1871; d. Nov. 1914; m. Joe Warson in March 1896
      7. Roydon Duval10 Elmore b. Aug. 1873; m. Lena Higgenbotham Hoag on Jan. 16, 1912
      8. Leon Lewis10 Elmore b. Aug. 1875; d. May 28, 1928; m. Winafred Ring in 1917
      9. Nannie Lee10 Elmore b. Oct. 17, 1879; m. Hammond Dennis on Dec. 21, 1904

    2. Paul Thomas9 Elmore born May 20, 1838 in Alabama and died Aug. 31, 1920 in Hope, Arkansas. He is buried in the Macedonia Cemetery in Hope. Paul worked mainly in the sawmill business. He served in the Civil War in the 6th Arkansas Infantry. He took a very long time to get home after the Civil War. He had plans to marry but his girl friend died and he never married. His father Charles and widowed sister Ann lived with him in Hope. Paul requested that when he died he wanted his fiddle buried with him.

    3. Judah Caroline9 Elmore b. March 5, 1840 in Alabama and died young.

    4. Gilbert Pate9 Elmore b. Nov. 12, 1841 in Alabama was never married and also died young. He is buried in the Sharmon Cemetery 12 miles west of Magnolia, Arkansas.

    5. Julius Glover9 Elmore b. March 6, 1843 and died 1904 in Magnolia, Arkansas. He is buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery 7 miles southwest of Magnolia on Columbia County road 15. He married Jane Dumas Sep. 2, 1872. Jane was born May 2, 1853 in Smackover, Arkansas the daughter of Benjamin N. Dumas and Martha Miles. She died June 29, 1932 and is buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery.

      During the Civil War Julius served in the 15th Arkansas Infantry. He was captured at the surrender of Fort Donaldson on the Kentucky / Tennessee border in Feb. 1862 and sent to prison at Camp Douglas, Illinois. He was imprisoned for seven months when he was traded for Federal prisoners at Vickburg, Mississippi. His unit was reorganized and sent to Port Hudson, Louisiana on the Mississippi River. The 15th Arkansas was under the command of Colonel Ben Johnson who lived on South Carolina Street in Magnolia, Arkansas. He had 293 officers and men. The 15th defended a 3/4 mile stretch of breastworks during the siege of Port Hudson which pitted thirty-eight thousand Federal troops against six thousand seven hundred Confederate troops. During the siege the confederate troops named this area Fort Desperate because of the numerous desperate charges mounted by the Federal troops. The Port Hudson garrison held for 48 days without relief from the outside. They were reduced to eating horses, mules, and rats. The 15th was the only unit that was on the front lines during the entire siege without relief. Casualties from all causes were 700 Confederate casualties and 9,000 Federal.

      During the siege Julius was standing atop the breastworks when a Federal bullet struck him in the chest. He fell close to his Captain, James Frankline. Thinking him dead Captain Franklin ordered the troops nearby to pull him out of the way. But Julius was not dead or even wounded. He was in the habit of carrying a pocket Testament in his breast pocket. The Federal miniball penetrated almost through the small bible and Julius was only struck unconscious. The small bible had saved his life. He managed to bring the bible home with him after the war with the miniball still embedded inside.

      After the surrender of Port Husdon the officers were sent north to a prison camp, enlisted men paroled. They came up the Mississippi River to the Arkansas border and joined General Dockery. They fought across southern Arkansas and surrendered in East Texas when the war was over.

      Julius Glover Elmore, a private, was not paroled but was sent once again to a Federal prison camp. Later in the war he was paroled to work on a farm for a wealthy farmer and his wife who had no children. When the war was over they offered him all they had if he would stay with them but Julius wanted to come home. Some time after his arrival back home in Magnolia, Arkansas Julius and his father Charles went into a local saloon. A man named Hicks got into an argument with Julius and threw a beer glass at him. In the ensuing fight Julius stabbed Hicks with a knife and he died two days later.

      In 1869 Julius was brought to trial for the indcident in the saloon. The trial was held in Magnolia. According to the family story Julius went to trial with a pistol in his boot. If convicted he planned to shoot his way out of the courtroom instead of going to prison for a fight he did not start. Julius was convicted but not imprisoned. Instead he was fined $10.00 and ordered to leave the state of Arkansas for one year. Julius left Arkansas and went to Texas where he worked on a farm somewhere along the Brazos River. In 1870 Julius had an illegitimate son who he named John. Nothing more is known about this first son of Julius Elmore.

      Julius returned to Magnolia after one year and the 1870 census shows him living back home. In 1872 Julius Glover Elmore married Jane Dumas and established a farm on the edge of Big Creek Bottom 9 miles southwest of Magnolia. Julius and Jane had 14 children most of whom grew to adulthood on that farm. The children were never allowed to have cards or pistols in the house and during parties Julius never allowed drinking on the premises. After his marriage family came first.

      Issue of Julius Glover9 Elmore and Jane Dumas Elmore:

      1. Charlie Harlon10 Elmore b. June 27, 1873; d. April 10, 1939; m. Media Maness Camp b. July 12, 1862; d. Dec. 29, 1937.
      2. Lucy Ann10 Elmore b. July 24, 1875; d. August 2, 1965; m. Please Willis b. 1863; d. 1950
      3. Benjamin Paul10 Elmore b. Dec. 9, 1877; d. January 1, 1966; m. Lizzie Thomas b. Dec. 16, 1878; d. Jan. 13, 1967
      4. Rena Evalenea10 Elmore b. Nov. 143, 1879; d. January 21, 1973; m. Rufus Camp b. Aug. 26, 1889; d. Feb. 25, 1942
      5. John Phillip10 Elmore b. Aug. 7 1881; d. September 12, 1959; m. Dora Alice Camp b. Jan. 25, 1886; d. June 19, 1975; Issue:

        1. Loney Mae11 Elmore b. May 28, 1903; d. Nov. 21, 1984; m. Floyd Gee
        2. Clifton Maurice11 Elmore b. Sep. 9, 1914 d. 1996
        3. Edna11 Elmore

      6. Lillie May10 Elmore b. Feb. 13, 1883 d. July 24, 1883
      7. Julius Frank10 Elmore b. Aug. 3, 1884; d. July 26, 1918; m. Athie Thomas b. Feb. 14, 1887; d. June 12, 1975
      8. Martha Sue10 Elmore b. Feb. 24, 1886; d. Dec. 15, 1941; m. Frank Dodson b. 1889; d. 1965
      9. Absolon10 Elmore b. Feb. 11, 1888; d. March 6, 1951; m. Hattie Dodson b. July 18, 1894; d. March 20, 1975
      10. Dovie10 Elizabeth b. Dec. 2, 1889; d. March 6, 1890
      11. Nettie D.10 Elmore b. Aug 14, 1891; d. Dec. 14, 1975
      12. Wordie O.10 Elmore b. March 12, 1893, d. July 8, 1989 m. Vernenia Thomas b. February 19, 1896; d. 1997.
      13. Henry Glover10 Elmore b. Jan. 24, 1895; d. Sep. 29, 1980; m. Lizzie Mae Dodson b. March 24, 1897; d. Aug. 6, 1979
      14. Prentis10 Elmore b. Jan. 30, 1898; d. Dec. 24, 1973.

    6. Sarah Emaline9 Elmore b. Jan 11, 1845; d. before 1857

    7. Elmirah Francis9 Elmore b. Sep. 6, 1847 in Alabama; d. 1894 in Baird, Texas; m. Joseph Jacobs b. in Germany 1830. Issue:

      1. Olivia10 Jacobs b. 1868; d. 1950
      2. Berna10 Jacobs b. 1871
      3. Herman10 Jacobs b. 1875
      4. Elmore10 Jacobs b. 1877; d. 1954 in Ft. Worth, Texas

    8. Annie Elizabeth9 Elmore b. May 5, 1849 in Alabama; d. Jan 22, 1917 in Hope, Arkansas; m Benjamin F. Staggs b. 1840 in Tennessee. Issue:

      1. Charles Franklin10 Staggs b. March 19, 1868; d. Oct. 25, 1869
      2. Julia Annie10 Staggs b. May 17, 1869; d. Sep. 27, 1888; m. John Gulley
      3. Dovie Christian10 Staggs b. June 2, 1871; d. May 5, 1900; m. ? Kent
      4. Paul Thomas10 Staggs b. Feb. 16, 1873; d. March 13, 1957

    9. Vestal9 Elmore b. Jan 4, 1851; d. before 1857

    10. Rena9 Elmore b. May 12, 1852; d. Jan. 18, 1871; m. Belin S. Trammel

  4. Travis8
  5. Jordan8
  6. William8
  7. Absolom8
  8. Mahala8
  9. Jacob8
  10. Bowman8

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