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The Newsom family has a long history in America dating back to earliest colonial Virginia. Thanks to Professor Holtzclaw the Newsom families of Surry, Isle of Wright, Southhampton and Sussex Counties, Virginia are well documented. While we are interested in the Virginia period, our particular interest is in a line of Newsoms that migrated West to Davidson, Rutherford, and Madison Counties,Tennessee. The progenitors of the Tennessee line were Uncles Francis, Eldridge (Madison County),William Bryant, and Grandfather Balaam (Rutherford and Madison Counties).

Peter Allen and his wife came to Arkansas in the late 1830s. They were among the first pioneer families to settle in this part of Arkansas. They are buried in a small, pre-Civil War, family cemetery. Many of their descendants are buried in cemeteries located in Johnson County. There is also a great deal of information about Peter Allen and descendants in either the Johnson County Court House or the County Library. We have been able to track his migration from Tennessee, Alabama, and then to Arkansas.

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The Newshams (Newsoms) of Lancashire, England

First Generation Tennessee Newsoms

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Solomon Newsom Family Bible

Albert George Newsom Family Bible

Albert George Newsom Family 1895

Thomas Balaam Newsom Family 1908

Newsom Family Reunion - 1928

Allen Family Masonic History

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