The Allen Family Cemetery

Location: Take Highway 64 West from Clarksville to County Road #2201 North. Turn right on Co. Rd. #2201 and go .4 miles to the second driveway on the right. This is the "Old Allen Home Place". The cemetery is about 100 feet North of the barn at the end of the drive.

There are three commercial markers located in the cemetery. Those of Peter and Sarah Allen, William and Charlotte McCord, and Milton Phillips. In addition, there are 41 grave sites marked with plain stone.

The single marker of Peter and Sarah Allen reads: Peter Allen, born May 21, 1785, died Sep 30, 1852; Sarah Allen, born April 7, 1812, died Feb 2, 1867

There are two markers for the McCords.

The marker of William McCord reads: Wm McCord, born January 22, 1806, died September 15, 1858. It has an inscription which reads: "Like the dove to the ark thou hast laid to thy rest from the wild sea of life to the home of the blest." The marker of Charlotte McCord reads: born February 4, 1809, died April 1890, "Gone but not forgotten."

The McCord family seems to have left Johnson County around the turn of the century. Census records show their children to have been: George W., born 1840; Joseph, born 1837; Thomas, born 1843; Sarah, born 1845; and Charles, born 1852. Of the five children, later census records of show only Joseph and wife, Mattie, remaining in Johnson County after the Civil War. Their children were: Mary C., born 1875; William R., born 1877; and Jennie B., born 1880.

The single marker of Milton Phillips reads: Milton Phillips, born December 22, 1842, died October 4, 1865.

The 41 stone markers are presumed to be those of family members and those of slaves.

At one time the cemetery had been neglected and badly overgrown. Over the years, members of Springhill and Coal Hill Masonic Lodges have graciously volunteered to maintain the cemetery. Thanks to their help the cemetery is now in a fair state of upkeep.

The Allen Family Plot - Kendall Cemetery

William Allen; born August 20, 1838; died February 2, 1899 - Bethana (Kendall) Allen; born February 24, 1857; died October 9, 1921

William Lee Allen; born August 8, 1881; died November 16, 1924 - Margaret Anne (Arnold) Allen; born February 4, 1886; died April 27, 1979

William Benjamin Allen; born October 6, 1908; died May 7, 2006
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